Encore at Avalon Park

Encore Avalon Park
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Se Habla Espanol
Encore at Avalon Park is located in the center of a community that was built on the rich traditions of small-town life. Encore is composed of 6 neighborhoods with 15 residences each, all centrally oriented around a secured landscaped courtyard.

Memory Care

While no one has yet figured out how to cure Alzheimer’s disease or even stop its progress, we can slow it down and help individuals with Alzheimer’s related memory impairment to live useful, active lives for a longer time and continue to interact positively with their families.

Assisted Living

The Encore philosophy of assisted living is to provide personalized, resident centered care in order to meet individual preferences and needs. At Encore all residents are treated with dignity and respect, provided privacy and encouraged in their independence and freedom of choice. Residents’ family members and friends are encouraged to get involved in the assisted living community.

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