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How to Reconnect With Old Friends

How to Reconnect With Old Friends

They say that friends have seasons; sometimes they come and go through our lives. However, just because a season has passed with one friend does not mean you can’t reach out to them. With all the technology we have access to these days, it is easier than ever to reconnect with those you haven’t talked to in a long time. Here are some of the best ways for seniors to reconnect with old friends.

Connect Using Facebook and Other Social Media

If you’ve always wanted to connect with a particular friend but don’t know their address, worry not, because your dream of reconnecting with them is still possible. Made specifically for staying in touch and reconnecting, social media is one of the best ways to get in contact with old friends. While there are many different platforms you can use, most people are on Facebook and can easily be looked up through their search engine. As long as you can recognize their face in a profile picture, you can easily send them a friend request and shoot them a message.

Send a Postcard or Letter

If you’re a fan of physical mail, send out some postcards. Even if you haven’t traveled anywhere recently, you can update long-lost friends on where you’re currently residing by purchasing a few local postcards to send out. Or, if you have more to say, buy some nice stationery to pen some letters on.

Send Emails

While there is something very special about receiving an unexpected piece of mail from a friend, postage can get expensive. If maintaining a pen pal seems like too big an undertaking, you should try turning to digital methods. Emails are free, easy, and sent nearly immediately, making them an excellent way to reconnect with old friends online.

Attend Reunions

Some people love them, and some people hate them. Wherever you land on high school reunions, it is irrefutable that they are an effective way to reconnect with old friends from school. Of course, many seniors don’t live near where they went to school. So, when you get an invitation to your reunion event, save the date and make an effort to set your travel plans long in advance so you can minimize stress and just enjoy reconnecting with others.

Plan a Date to Reconnect

Once you’ve reconnected with your old friends, set up a date to meet with them in person. During your time together, you can go on a lunch or dinner date, see a movie, take a stroll around the neighborhood, or even enjoy a picnic.

Reconnect With Old Friends and Make New Ones at Encore at Avalon Park

At Encore at Avalon Park, we understand how important it is for our senior residents to maintain an active social life. This is why our seniors enjoy different social and recreational activities each and every day where they can meet and mingle with other residents. We are also happy to help our senior residents arrange friendly visits with old friends and family.

While visiting with loved ones, our residents can enjoy delicious meals at the brand-new Marketplace at Avalon Park, a nearby innovative food hall and event space that is within walking distance from our community. No matter how they choose to spend their time reconnecting, the residents at Encore at Avalon Park are supported by dedicated staff members who are here to make sure they keep and maintain the connections that are important to them.

For more information on our senior living community or to schedule your virtual tour, call us at 407-270-7500 today.

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