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Importance of Staying Active and Learning for Seniors

As you get older, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing to grow your brain through learning and staying active through doing light activities each day. How much you do varies for each person, but even doing a little bit each day will continue a healthy lifestyle. Lifelong learning and activity for seniors is a key component of intellectual and overall wellness.

Staying Active

Regular physical activity for seniors improves mental and physical health, which will help maintain independence as you age. To stay active, there’s no need for excessive exercise each day. A simple walk outside with a loved one can be all someone needs! If it’s too hot for a walk outdoors, look at your community’s exercise classes. This can include water aerobics, light weight exercises, yoga, and swimming.

These activities will not only give seniors a healthy lifestyle, but also contribute to many other benefits. Staying active can reduce certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Exercise produces endorphins (the “feel good” hormone), which can help relieve stress and can improve one’s mental health. There are also many studies that show physical activity can improve cognitive function and suggest a lower risk for dementia.

Growing Your Brain

Improving your cognitive function can also be done by continuing to learn and work your brain. Seniors can do a hobby they love or try out a new one to grow their brain. There are different ways to do this, one of the simplest ways being to pick up on an old hobby. This can include reading, sewing, painting, or cooking. Another way is to self-teach yourself a new topic or new hobby. Have you always wanted to learn how to do yoga or a new game? This is the perfect way to get your brain going.

Just like staying active, learning and putting your brain to work has many health benefits as well. The reduced risk of memory loss and dementia is one that most seniors may benefit from. These activities give seniors something to do throughout the day, as well as make social connections within their community. Whatever brings them joy and fulfillment in life will help improve their overall health in so many ways!

Continuing to Stay Active and Learn at Encore

At Encore Avalon Park, we want our seniors to have a healthy, active lifestyle that suits them. In addition to comfortable accommodations and delicious meals, our senior living community offers a full schedule of recreational and social activities for our senior residents, many of which are perfectly accessible for seniors in wheelchairs to enjoy.

Find out more about what makes Encore at Avalon Park the premier senior living community in the Central Florida area by calling 407-270-7500 and scheduling a tour.

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