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4 Warning Signs Of Dementia

4 Warning Signs Of Dementia

One of the scariest aspects of dementia is that the signs of the debilitating condition can be quite subtle. Dementia itself is a group of symptoms that severely affect one’s memory, thinking, and social abilities. While Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, there are other warning signs of dementia to look out for in the behavior of the senior loved one in your life.

Common Dementia Symptoms

Here are a few common early signs of dementia in seniors:

  1. Sudden Language Issues

    – Everyone misspeaks, gets tongue-tied, or fumbles with their words at times. Therefore, it may not seem alarming if your beloved senior suddenly forgets a word or stumbles over their sentence. However, frequent language issues such as difficulty speaking (mumbling, slurring) or trouble forming sentences and completing thoughts can be signs of oncoming dementia.

  2. Lack of Proper Judgment

    – Another common sign of dementia is an increased lack of good judgment skills and hygiene. For example, someone developing dementia may not see an issue with wearing a winter coat in the dead of summer or a tank top in the middle of the winter. Lack of common sense is also one of the most dangerous signs of dementia as it can lead to exposure and illness.

  3. Low Motivation

    – Another frequent sign of dementia is low motivation. If all of a sudden, a senior loved one in your life no longer wants to do activities that they previously loved, then they may be developing dementia. This can also manifest in the form of them not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, not wanting to ever leave the house, and not wanting to bathe regularly.

  4. Poor Sense of Place

    – Completely forgetting where they are or frequently getting lost and confused is a very common sign of dementia. For example, if the senior in your life—despite having driven to the grocery store and back home for many years—all of a sudden loses their bearings and sense of direction and cannot remember their route home, then dementia could be a cause for concern.

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