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Halloween Activities for Seniors

Halloween Activities for Seniors

Kids aren’t the only ones celebrating Halloween this year. Many older adults still enjoy the spooky atmosphere of Halloween season, enjoying it with their friends or family. In order to get in the spooky spirit, here are multiple ways to celebrate Halloween.

Watch Halloween Movies

Whether it’s a classic or a newer one, there’s a variety of Halloween movies to choose from. Introduce the family to some of the classic scary films, or go with a light, fun Halloween movie for the kids to enjoy. It doesn’t hurt to make a cute Halloween treat to go along with the movie night!

Halloween Treats

Whip up some ghoulish treats with the family for a fun Halloween activity. From witches to pumpkins to skeletons, there’s a wide variety of Halloween recipes to choose from. Some popular ones are pumpkin cake, bat cookies, and Halloween-themed banana popsicles. Make sure that whichever treat is chosen is dietary friendly, but it’s always okay to indulge once in a while!

Spooky Crafts

There’s so many easy, spooky crafts to make. If you want to go the classic route, buy a pumpkin from the store and see who carves the best pumpkin! You can also buy fake pumpkins and paint those to lessen the mess of carving. Create ghosts with tissue paper or by drawing faces on milk gallons and placing a light inside.

Encore at Avalon Park

At Encore at Avalon Park, we want our seniors to enjoy each holida. There are plenty of fun and engaging activities in our community to get connected. We host many different recreational and social activities for the seniors at our assisted living community to enjoy on a daily basis.

We also provide our senior residents with healthy, delicious meals and comfortable accommodations to make them feel at home. That’s why Encore at Avalon Park is Central Florida’s premiere senior living solution.

For more information on our assisted living community or to schedule a tour, call Encore at Avalon Park today at 407-270-7500.

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