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4 Outdoor Activities for Elderly In Wheelchairs

4 Outdoor Activities for Elderly In Wheelchairs

From reducing stress and depression to increasing circulation and cardiovascular health, participating in outdoor activities produces a wealth of benefits for the elderly, even for those confined to wheelchairs. Here are four fun and engaging outdoor activities that seniors in wheelchairs can enjoy outside.

Accessible Outdoor Activities for Seniors in Wheelchairs

    1. Plan a Picnic

      One of the loveliest ways to enjoy a meal is by planning an outdoor picnic. It is also one of the easiest outdoor activities for seniors in wheelchairs because you can choose how far away to have a picnic; it can be as far as a local park or beach or as close as their own backyard. Furthermore, many public areas are equipped with wheelchair-accessible ramps, bathrooms, and water fountains. Just be sure to pack your favorite foods and companions.

    2. Adventure Through Nature

      Many hiking trails these days are wheelchair friendly, making visiting a nearby hiking trail or a trail in a national park an excellent outdoor activity for seniors in wheelchairs. Remember to bring a pair of binoculars in case you decide to do some bird watching while you’re out and about.

    3. Go Fruit Picking

      If you’re looking for an activity that guarantees a reward at the end, fruit picking is a great option. If you’re interested in fruit picking, look online to see which fruits are currently in season in your area and if there are any orchards or farms nearby that allow fruit picking. While picking ground-level fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are easiest for elderly citizens in wheelchairs, there are handy fruit picking grabbers and devices available for wheelchair bound citrus or apple picking.

    4. Enjoy Outdoor Team Sports

      These days, there are wheelchair-friendly versions of most sports. Therefore, if your senior loved one is able and interested in getting involved with outdoor sports, do some research to see if there is a local wheelchair league in your area. Participating in outdoor team sports is a great way to stay fit, get social, and have fun—even if your beloved senior is simply playing catch or tossing a frisbee.

A Caring Community for Your Senior In a Wheelchair

At Encore at Avalon Park, we understand how important it is that seniors have access to fun and engaging outdoor activities. In addition to comfortable accommodations and delicious meals, our senior living community offers a full schedule of recreational and social activities for our senior residents, many of which are perfectly accessible for seniors in wheelchairs to enjoy.

Find out more about what makes Encore at Avalon Park the premier senior living community in the Central Florida area by calling 407-270-7500 and scheduling a tour.

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